Fully back in business!

The site is back up, running, and possibly a little better than ever.

For those who might be searching for a solution to a MU WordPress self-hosted losing all the images in the media library, except not — you know, all there on the server, editable, etc?  Well look no further than your rewrite rules in your .htaccess file.  Seriously, that’s all it was, but WordPress doesn’t put this line in by itself, you have to do it.  Go figure.

RewriteRule ^([_0-9a-zA-Z-]+/)?files/(.+) wp-includes/ms-files.php?file=$2 [L]

Here is where I found the solution.

Thank the gods that’s over.  Pre-orders for Shannon’s next book are open.  I’ll put links as soon as I’ve finished getting them all ready.  Book should be out the Friday before Easter (20 April for those who don’t know).

Stupid bloody hackers

Well, site’s back up — obviously.

Long story short there’s some idiot group of punk hackers targeting various sites, among them WordPress powered ones.  We were recently hit.

My host did all they could, and my security settings held up in terms of protecting the site from damage, but it could do nothing about the overload it put on the server.

Since then trying to visit the site has given all manner of idiotic PHP errors.  No idea why, but I’ve tweaked a few files in a way that compensates for it (I’d say ‘fixes’ but I didn’t really — I shouldn’t have had to make the changes I did so it’s ‘compensate’).

In any event, my applause for MacHighway, they did what they could and did it without the slightest fuss, all ready and responsive and lots of other superlatives that tech supports ought to be but all too often aren’t.  Seriously, need hosting?  I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Theoretically, the site should do a better job of staying up now.  But until the hackers pulling these idiot pranks finally get caught or bored I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Also — if you frequent any WP sites, assume they’re a target or an eventual one too.