Ana & Lyn’s First Time

Ana had been looking forward to this for a while, but she’d been cautious; afraid of upsetting Lyndsey. Today, though, it was clear that she was going to get her wish.

Lyn’s kisses had an animal hunger now, and she was sighing and moaning into Ana’s own kisses. Their hands, not unfamiliar with one another’s bodies by now, were roaming more determinedly as fingertips and nails sought the sweet, sensual erogenous areas.

Ana broke the connection to the other girl’s lips to kiss her way down Lyn’s chin to her throat, smiling at the purr Lyn made as she did so, to her shoulder.

Ana began to eagerly unbutton Lyn’s shirt as the other girl reached up and untied the knot on Ana’s shoulder holding her dress up. As the colourful silk pooled at Ana’s waist Lyn kissed her way from Ana’s mouth to her chin, throat, and then chest to her breasts.

Ana sighed in pleasure as she laid back and let her best friend, and now lover, explore her nipples and her heart pounded with excitement as Lyn continued her way down Ana’s body. Ana felt the silk of her dress moved away to expose her completely to the other girl who kissed down her body to her lower lips. Then nothing. Ana looked up in shock as she realised she couldn’t even feel the other girl’s weight on the soft bed.

“Wha—” she started to ask.

“I felt really over dressed,” Lyn said with one of her smirks as she slid her marvellous body from her jeans and let her open shirt fall to the floor to join them.

“There. Now where wer—mmph,” Ana had grabbed Lyn by the hands and pulled her down atop herself with her thigh pressed between Lyn’s legs and soon Lyndsey had shifted so her thigh did the same to Ana without breaking the intense kiss that’d started when she’d landed.

The two lost all sense of reality as they explored each other with fingers, tongues, lips and (especially in Lyn’s case) teeth. After a blissful, sweaty, and exhausting couple of nulaire the two fell asleep entwined in each other’s arms and legs.

They woke up at nearly the same time after a little while and Ana leaned in to kiss Lyn deeply, savouring the other girl’s tongue, before she said, “We probably need a bath”

“But I wanted another go,” Lyn said frowning.

“So? I’m fine with both,” Ana said smirking as she ran her fingers along Lyn’s slit to her clit and then jumping out of bed; both girls squealing and laughing as Lyn chased her to the bath.