Lyndsey on the Roof

Viktor stepped outside with his youngest daughter in his arms to find the porch, as it typically was at this time of year, covered with his children, grandchildren, assorted pets, and friends. He also saw a pair of legs dangling over the edge of the roof. This was a bit unusual, though not completely unheard of.

“Lyndsey, why are you on the roof?” He asked in long-suffering tones.

“Because all the seats on the porch were taken,” she answered matter-of-factly, like sitting on the roof was a perfectly logical thing to do when this occurred.

“So you climbed up there instead of sitting on the porch rail, floor, steps, or in the yard?”

“Uh-huh. I didn’t use neko-te if that’s what you’re worried about though. Mom has expressly forbidden that. Said she’d use me as a whetstone for her sword if I put holes in the house.”

Viktor shut his eyes for a second, trying, once again, to make sense out of his wife and their daughter. “Lyndsey Katherine, get down from there. You’re setting a bad example for the little kids.”

“How? This is reasonably safe,” she said indignantly.

“Hi Mommy!” called Lyndsey’s young son, who had toddled over to investigate where his mother’s voice was coming from. “Up, pweez?” He said as he gestured towards her.

Viktor looked at her and smirked. “If it’s safe, then you wouldn’t have a problem with Val joining you, right?”

Reasonably safe,” she said to her father. Then to Valyréan, “You gotta be older before you can join me up here, kiddo. Now, if you and Grandpa’ll move, I’ll jump down and we can go play.”

Viktor stepped back and gently guided his grandson out of Lyn’s way. She dismounted the roof with a flip that earned her the applause of all watching. She, having as much mastery of humility as she did of sanity, bowed with a flourish before taking her son’s hand and saying, “Let’s go see if the dog is awake.”