Full Copyright Notice

The links to the Creative Commons site and shorthand entries on the side bars say the bulk of it, but for those who need detailed understanding here ’tis.

What you’re allowed to do:

  • You may play freely within the setting. This is to say you may write fanfiction, to use the setting in your tabletop RPG sessions, whatever. So long as it follows the rules of the specified CC license
  • You are free to make fan sites.
  • You are free to make personal backup copies of the work to your heart’s content
  • You are free to loan the stuff you bought to friends, or to share the free content with them
  • Anything you are allowed to do within the realms and scope of US copyright law, like critical works, and so on.

What you’re not allowed to do:

  • Make money on anything Universal Nexus without seeking permission from the copyright holders. If they’re a fanfic authour’s own original settings or characters you must get that person’s permission to use them and our permission to use Universal Nexus commercially
  • To claim your work is canonical or sanctioned without our saying it is. It’s that simple. Your derivative work is that, derivative. If we like it, and it fits with our view of the setting we’ll tell you, or you can point us to it and ask.
  • To make commercial use of sanctioned derivatives without our permission. It may be canonical, but that ain’t the same thing. Odds are though, if we liked it enough to make it official, we like it enough to let you make money. The key is, just bloody ask.
  • To pretend we’ve stolen your derivative work when we haven’t. This is the internet age. Someone will try it, they won’t be able to prove it, everyone will mock them. Don’t get mocked by millions of other beings, just find an honest way to make $$, kay folks?
  • To claim you own any part of Universal Nexus except those worlds, characters, etc. with which you populate your own works. That stuff, and only that stuff is yours. As are the stories around them.