Welcome to the worlds of Universal Nexus

Welcome to the tri-galaxies:  Vorton, Galfarra, and Milky Way.  Realms of adventure, intrigue, mysterious alien worlds and creatures, lost temples, advanced civilisations and stone aged cultures.

At the centre is the Milky Way — our own galaxy.  It is young, but has its share of fledgling interstellar empires, but most importantly there’re two wormholes that lead to distant galaxies.

Next is Galfarra, the cultural centre of this universe.  It may not be the oldest galaxy of the bunch, but it is still ancient; filled with civilisations that have roamed the stars since before the Humans of Earth had solved the mysteries of fire.  The Galfarran Union spans a fair portion of it — maintaining order among the chaos of a billion cultures made up of races both very much like ourselves, and so radically different you might be surprised to learn they’re even alive.

Finally, Vorton.  The ancient galaxy.  Here are dying stars, and dead world.  Civilisations so ancient that even they are unsure what of their forgotten technologies are science, and what are magic.  Today it is picking up the pieces from a centuries long war for survival against the deadly expansion of the fearsome Dichidians.

Universal Nexus is families, and lost worlds.  It’s pirates, and fearless warriors. It is valiant knights defending beautiful queens, and demented scientists tampering with the nature of life and the universe.  It’s also a shared world, a setting you’re welcome to come explore and add your own worlds and faces, your own castles and starships, your own civilisations and treasures.  On these pages you will find stories, some free, some not, published by us to give you a tiny glimpse into the sorts of people and places you might find.  In The Guide you’ll find detailed information about some of those same people, places, things … it’s added to from time to time, so it can be worth checking back, or subscribing.

Available Now:

Stolen Time
A young genius is kidnapped by a mad scientist bent on ruling the universe by conquering its past. Can Serena stall him long enough for the Daggers to rescue her? Will she push Janoke Greenbriar too far and outlive her usefulness? Are the rumours that Greenbriar can alter minds true? Find out in this, the first novel set in the wide universe of Universal Nexus!

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Once a Hero, Always a Hero
It started out a visit to buy brandy for their bar, but now it’s an adventure.

Robin Thase and Viktor Blue, retired soldiers and former heroes turned bar owners and family men, land right in the middle of a situation that leaves them fighting for their lives and the lives of thousands of innocent souls once more.

Can two men with cheap blasters taken from beaten thugs, some knives, and decades of fighting experience defeat a Dichidian and his goons by themselves?

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The_Crown_of_Eldrete_Cover_for_KindleThe Crown of Eldrete (Kavaliro Cousins #1)
Long lost cousins, one a member of a band of rebels-for-hire, the other a guardian faeshir (warrior priest), meet each other while fighting to free Marohn from Neo-Imperialists. Things start getting complicated when it’s discovered that the Neos weren’t working alone; then it’s discovered that many important temple treasures have been taken, starting a quest that leads them to a dangerous world.

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Jake's Last MissionJake’s Last Mission (With Kristark’s Coronation)
The entire future of Sweytian/Mugdaran relations rests on one man’s shoulders. That one man, Jake Kavaliro, would really like nothing more than to retire.  Unfortunately, while on his last patrol he encounters a Mugdaran determined to restart a war.  Now Jake – who’s never been known for his skill at diplomacy – has to go and explain what transpired to the Mugdaran Emperor in person.

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