Issues resolved

Our site seems to be sorted out now.

No real clue what was wrong with it, best suggestion we’ve been able to come up with is that a security plugin that was recently installed and had had an update the night before had glitched and then corrected itself (because the site seemed to start working on its own).

Guesses and suggestions are all there are since the issue was gone by the time I’d gotten our host contacted.

In brighter news, Shanny has a book coming out soon.

Website issues

English: en.wikipedia error message

English: en.wikipedia error message (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apologies for any issues connecting to the site.  We’ve no idea what’s causing the problem, but our host has been contacted and I’m poking around in the guts of the blog’s config files trying to sort it out.

In the mean time if you get the error message about memory and wp-db.php line 855 just please hit your browser’s refresh button, I don’t recommend just going to the address bar and hitting enter again — this is more likely to load from cache and just give you the error message again (because the browser will simply fetch the error message from its own memory rather than actually trying to connect to the site again — ain’t computers grand!?).

With luck this should be sorted out by end of the day.